Astonia 3: Invicta is a FREE-TO-PLAY MMORPG originally developed by Intent Software.


Here is a list of all the clans active on Astonia 3 Invicta with some brief details of each one!

Clan Name Jewels # of Members Website
Inkheart25226No Website
Hey Macarena452No Website
Backlash610No Website
Knights Of Astonia519No Website
Lost00No Website
KoC3211No Website
Study12No Website
Hell01No Website
Valhalla173534No Website
Knight's Of Astonia112No Website
Gentleman's Club249457No Website
Wolf Pack14113No Website
Fairy Tale33624No Website
The Warrior Elite1620No Website
Deadly Alliance03No Website
Section 9622No Website
Merry Christmas01No Website


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