Astonia 3 Invicta is a FREE-TO-PLAY MMORPG originally developed by Intent Software.

"Welcome, Adventurer, to the dangerous land of Astonia. Great perils await thee on thy journey here. May thy blade be swift and thy magic exceptional."

The Rise of Astonia

Born into an age where all knowledge of the Origins has faded into the twilight of legend, Seyan, young Lord of Aston. He sets out to found the base necessary for endowing him with the material power and security that will permit him to follow his ulterior dream, by raising Aston above all other city-states in military, economical and technological might.

Expansion and Challenges

When he receives news that one of these mythical ancestors have risen from a millennia of sleep, Seyan knows that the time has come to give substance to his dream. He prepares himself for the arrival of Ishtar. In order to train his Astonian followers to meet the challenges ahead, Ishtar retired from society for decades to create the Labyrinth in whose intricacies they shall learn. Those who succeed in the Labyrinth Quest, shall have acquired the use of Magic.

The Once Powerful Realm

In the absence of Ishtar, Aston is abruptly attacked by Demons of unknown provenance and intent. The Imperial Palace was breached and Seyan'Du was eliminated along with the murder of Emperor Seyan XI. On Ishtar's return, he finds the capital almost razed to the ground, and left abandoned by its attackers.
Today Aston is still in ruins, the Empire has fallen apart. Occasional raids have forced the cities to re-establish their armies. Ishtar is gathering his soldiers for the ultimate confrontation, offering training to anyone willing to contain and overcome the Demons from below. Are you ready to join the battle?